A week after my driver's test and offering myself as a private driver on every possible ride that comes online, I've secured my first ride. A client from Ghent with a BMW X5, close to home and a decent car. Full of enthusiasm I get ready: I polish my shoes, take my suit out of its sleeve, iron my shirt and put my Get Driven tie ready. Before I leave for my customer, I ask my mum if I look good and ask my dad if my tie is knotted properly. Full of enthusiasm I leave for my client. The closer I get, the more nervous I become. I ring the bell and a young couple welcomes me very kindly, they hand me the keys and together we leave for the car. On the way to their destination, they strike up a conversation with me. Immediately I feel at ease and the stress disappears. Once I have arrived, I wish my clients a pleasant afternoon and get comfortable in the car, get out my laptop and start working for school. A lot of time passes and my client comes back to the car and asks if I have something to drink. I politely ask for a cola and 2' later my customer is back with a cola. About two hours pass and my client comes to say that the journey will probably take longer and asks if I have any other commitments. I say that I have nothing planned and that I can work a bit later. No sooner said than done. Later that evening, I am even invited inside for a drink. Shortly afterwards, I leave for home together with the customer. I park the car, give the customer his keys back and have him sign off. They thank me for the good service and wish me a safe ride home.